Aerosoles 【同梱不可】 レディース 1年保証

[Aerosoles] レディース

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[Aerosoles] レディース

[Aerosoles] レディース

Llegó antes de lo esperado, muy cómodo, elegante. Tacón de altura muy buena. se ve bien con flada o pantalon.
I've worn heels all my life, but now my aging feet are demanding special footwear. I'm not ready to give up heels, however, so I'm really happy I found Aerosoles. Their Starring Role shootie was SO comfortable (walked all day in pure comfort) that I purchased several pairs in other styles, including this one with a more slender heel.It has many nice features, most especially the heel rest technology which I can feel when walking, although not when standing.My only issue at the moment is that the front straps cut painfully into my toes, so after a hour walk, I did find relief in taking them off. Maybe they just need to be broken in or I need to put some tape, If this doesn't get better with time, I will knock off a star or 2.The pointy-shaped footbed doesn't accommodate my toes entirely, not a major issue, but that aspect is poorly designed, because a sandal's front footbed should follow a natural foot shape, there is no reason to make it pointy since it's hidden under the foot.UPDATE: I have to give these away (too late to return, plus I'm back in Canada), because the issue is simply not one that will go away just because I love the style. I refuse to put my feet through more excruciating pain, since the whole purpose of my revamping my shoe wardrobe with Aerosoles is comfort. Therefore, I knocked off 2 stars, While I am purchasing more Aerosoles, sandals are out.
I bought a 6 in black. The shoe fit well. My problem was with the zipper. I had a difficult time getting the packaging out of the shoe because it needed to be unzipped to pull out the plastic pieces. I zipped them several times to loosen up the zipper. I put them on and walked around my house.I then tried to get them off of my feet. I thought I might have to resort to cutting the one off because I could not get it to unzip. I didn't want to damage the shoe. I finally got it unzipped. I didn't feel it was worth taking a chance that the zipper would get better over time. I sent the shoes back.





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