Grundens 最大58%オフ 春先取りの Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ

Grundens Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ

Grundens 最大58%オフ! Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ Grundens 最大58%オフ! Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ 8710円 Grundens Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ スポーツ&アウトドア 釣り,Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ,Grundens,/cerebellocortex679406.html,スポーツ&アウトドア , 釣り,8710円,Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ,Grundens,/cerebellocortex679406.html,スポーツ&アウトドア , 釣り,8710円 8710円 Grundens Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ スポーツ&アウトドア 釣り


Grundens Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ


EMCは、最も人気のあるラインの1つを再作成されそのまま女性用しますレディースカット、100防水性420デニールのナイロン生地を使用の完全テーピングと密封された継ぎ目、8 000 mm防水と3 , 000 MVP通気性膜で、調節可能な弾性ウエストベルト、1 / 4の長脚のジッパーで簡単にオン/オフにするには、マジックテープシンチアンクルブーツ締め、2つのファスナーポケットと1つの右脚カーゴポケット。

Grundens Ladies天気時計防水Trouserパンツ

Editing to say that I noticed after the first time I wore them the seam tape in the crotch area is coming loose. I've only worn them twice and haven't yet used them for rainy day ATV riding. If the crotch area leaks it will be a huge disappointment considering the price of these rain pants. Wondering if there's anyway to reseal it...I had these rain pants in mens and they were great as far as keeping the rain out. I used them for everything but my favorite quality was that I could ride my ATV in all day in the rain and I'd stay dry, even when sitting on a wet seat for hours. My Wal-Mart bought Coleman rain pants would not do that. The one thing I didn't like about the mens was the fit, being a woman they had way to much room in the crotch. I'm very pleased to say the women's version is just as good as the mens but cut to fit a woman's body. They do run small, I thought I would need a large but my measurements said XL and I'm glad I went XL.
I finally had a chance to wear these rain pants, pouring rain and they leek ???? front and sides. I went into a restaurant and looked like I had pee’ed myself ????
These pants were doing a good job of keeping me dry on a long canoeing trip on the Tatshenshini/Alsek Rivers in Canada and Alaska, and I was prepared to rate them highly. However, without any warning, the inset waistband “button” popped out after 8 days of wear. I managed to keep them up for the rest of the trip using just the belt although the zipper wouldn’t stay up without the fastener. It’s not a button that can be sewn back on - it’s like a jeans fastener punched through the cloth. Disappointed in the quality.

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