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AKT1 スポーツサウンド増幅イヤーマフ 電子聴覚保護 スポーツインパクトノイズ用 プレミアムイヤープロ 低反発クッションサウンドクラリティ向上 AKイヤープロ NRR 25

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AKT1 スポーツサウンド増幅イヤーマフ 電子聴覚保護 スポーツインパクトノイズ用 プレミアムイヤープロ 低反発クッションサウンドクラリティ向上 AKイヤープロ NRR 25


プレミアム電子安全イヤーマフは、聴覚保護市場で最も快適なデザインです。 手縫いの低反発素材クッションは頭に雲のような感覚で、安全メガネやサングラスでも長時間快適に着用できます。 AKT1 は超高速の攻撃時間を備えており、大きな衝撃音を抑制し、同時に高速に解放できるため、聴覚保護を提供しながら簡単にコミュニケーションできます。 その品質はロボットではなく自然なスピーチのようです。 最大6倍までのサウンドを増幅し、ノイズ低減率25を実現。 ガンストック カットアウト スリムなデザインで、ハンドガンに加えて長銃を快適に射撃できます。 単4電池2本が付属しており、4時間自動シャットオフで最大400時間使用できます。 ヘッドバンドのメッシュカットアウトにより、お気に入りの帽子と一緒に着用するのに最適です。 ヘッドバンドは、スモールからXXLまで幅広いヘッドサイズに調整できます。 AUX 入力ジャックで音楽を差し込んでレジャーで聴くことができます。 ハンティング、シューティングスポーツ、USPSA、射撃競技、射撃競技、警察、庭作業、DIYツールプロジェクト、ドラム演奏、ミュージシャン、コンサート、NASCAR、カーレース、安全聴覚保護、ハードウェアプロジェクト、音楽鑑賞、仕事環境でのコミュニケーション増幅に最適です。 当社のイヤーマフは、25のNRRで高衝撃ノイズを遮断するように設計されています。 オンにすると、音声レベルの周波数が向上しますが、適切な安全基準を維持するために、85 db よりも大きくなります。 ご購入に100%ご満足いただけるよう努めています。 いつでもお気軽にお問い合わせください。 当社の製品は1年間のメーカー保証ポリシーを持っています。

AKT1 スポーツサウンド増幅イヤーマフ 電子聴覚保護 スポーツインパクトノイズ用 プレミアムイヤープロ 低反発クッションサウンドクラリティ向上 AKイヤープロ NRR 25

Best noise canceling for the money and very comfortable
To start I would like to say that I have paid full price for every piece of digital hearing protection that I possess, and am not receiving anything for this/any review! I have been rather obsessed with finding the best protection over the years because I care about my hearing, will never stop shooting guns, and want to be comfortable while enjoying guns :) . I own every single one of the hearing pro sets that I discuss. If you don't want to/have time to read the whole review, I'm putting my conclusion at the top. Feel free to read the rest to figure out why I answered this way.But here is the quick bottom line:If you are comparing these to Walker, 3M, or Howard Leight, and have a tiny bit more $ to spend on the AKT1's... are they worth it? Yes, absolutely - buy the AKT1's. If you already own some 3M's, Howard Leight's or Walker's and are looking for a major upgrade without breaking the bank, these are perfect. You will be able to notice the difference in quality big time! Should you just save your money and buy the "Gucci" of ear pro, ComTacs or MSA Sordins? Probably not, but maybe depending on need.The details:In the $50 - $100ish range I own 5 models: Walker's Razor Slim amp; XCell, Howard Leight's Impact Sport, 3M's Peltor Sport Tacs, and the AKT1 Sport's.The best hearing protection does two things. 1 - it protects your hearing, 2 - it should not be a burden or painful to wear. Walker's, Howard Leight's, and 3M's are not very comfortable for shooting after about an hour, and on my wife (smaller head) they are actually painful to wear for more than about 10 minutes. Each of them also make you sweat because of the material of the cup pads.Howard Leight - I put HL in 5th place because the sound quality is quite "electronic-y", and they are just downright uncomfortable for any period of time. The sound amplification of quiet sounds is quite substantial and impressive at times, however the quality of the sound itself is lacking. I don't need to hear a whisper from across the room if I can't determine whether the whisper came from a robot or a human. (Robots, although friendly looking, are usually evil, so it's important to know the difference)3M's Peltor Sport Tacs - are in 4th place because their price point was a little higher, they are still uncomfortable for long periods of time, and they are also a bit bulky for shooting rifles. The cheek plate on a rifle is almost guaranteed to nudge these muffs and cause your shooting ear to have decreased protection. They still have a bit of an artificial electronic sound, but seem to have the best overall hearing protection in this price range when shooting larger calibers or indoors (as long as you can avoid the cheek plate nudge).Walker's - The XCEL and Razor models are tied with each-other for 3rd and 2nd place. They beat out HL's amp; 3M's just because they are a bit more comfortable. But they are tied with each-other because they don't really have a noticeable difference in sound quality or protection. I think they are both the same Walker tech, just different designs and price points. They are both a little more comfortable, and noticeably less "electronic-y" sounding than the Howard's or 3M's. The sound amplification of quiet sounds is pretty impressive. But in order to make them comfortable for extended shooting times you'll have to spend $ on upgraded gel pads.The AKT1's - take first place. I found these on Amazon and never heard of them prior to that. But I am very happy to have found them! There are only 2 little negatives: 1- they are still a bit bulky (although light weight) so the cheek plate of a rifle does nudge them, and 2 - the amplification of quiet sounds is not quite as dramatic as the other brands. However they take first place because the fit is incredibly better on the AKT1 than any of the models mentioned previously. This is true for both large and small heads actually. I think this simply because the band seems to have had a lot of thought/development put into it, and the pads on the ear cups are either real leather or really nice fake leather. Unlike the other models listed above, these are comfortable out of the box. You don't have to upgrade the pads because they are super soft and that alone is quite impressive. The sound quality is also remarkable. They may lack in magnitude of amplification, but the microphone amp; speakers work together to provide the least artificial sounds of any other headset I have worn (including ComTacs and Sordins). It is sometimes hard to tell if they are even turned on when someone is talking to you, because the sound quality is so good it sounds like their real life voice.Lastly the $200-$400 range:Peltor ComTac's and MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X's are pretty equivalent to eachother - I cannot decide which of these are actually better. I can say that I like the sound quality of the the speakers in the AKT1's better than both of these high dollar headsets. However they both feel more durable than the AKT1's, and the sound dampening tech in the ComTacs and Sordins are noticeably more advanced than any of the lower priced sets. If you can afford the $200-400 price, then go for them. If you need to use coms while wearing ear protection, buy them. The major benefit is the platform they provide. Most (if not all) come with the gel padded cups and I would buy a set with the genuine leather band cover if you use the top headband style. I prefer the Sordins, as they just seem to fit my head better than any other brand, and I am a fan of the brand name. I have not tried the newest Sordin model yet though... so I may have to update this. Are they that much better than the cheaper models? For very specific reasons yes... but if you are not actually needing the coms platform, then buy the AKT1's. Yeah, I think the AKT1's are that good!
The reason for the 3 rating on comfort is they make my ears sweat at outdoor ranges and this is during the winter. Love the noise cancelation and amplification. Vibrant sound and muffles firearm action well. Also love that they have an automatic turn off after a few hours because I often forget to turn them off. Overall I like them, except the extra sweat it cause on my ears. I am not looking forward to wearing them in the summer.
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